Welcome to Newham

Director of Community Safety


Thank you for your interest in our Director of Community Safety position.

I’m elated to extend a warm invitation to you to consider a pivotal role within the dynamic and vibrant borough of Newham.

Newham is more than just a borough—it’s a symphony of cultures, aspirations, and innovations. With a staggering 72% of our population hailing from diverse ethnic backgrounds and 220 languages enriching our daily conversations, Newham is a testament to global unity. Our borough is poised on the brink of transformation, driven by investments that promise thousands of jobs and a buoyant economy. Coupled with our outstanding transport connectivity, Newham is the place where tradition meets modernity, and opportunities beckon at every corner.

Our commitment to safety, inclusivity, and sustainability is not mere rhetoric; it’s a lived experience. The “Building a Fairer Newham” 2022-2026 Corporate Plan encapsulates this pledge. It is not just a document but our covenant with the residents to ensure a safe, inclusive, and progressive community. The incoming Director will play a pivotal role in translating this vision into tangible actions, forging trust with our residents and partners alike.

However, we’re not merely seeking a Director. We are in pursuit of a visionary—someone who perceives beyond immediate plans, anchoring our initiatives for enduring impact. This role mandates synergy across diverse sectors, demanding a holistic approach that aligns enforcement with our ethos of preventive, sensitive services.

This is an opportunity to shape the future of one of London’s most diverse boroughs. And in this endeavour, every candidate will be valued, celebrated, and given a platform to showcase their potential.

So, if you’re someone who resonates with our vision and aspirations, I sincerely welcome you to apply. Let’s together carve out a brighter, fairer, and inclusive future for Newham.

Warm regards,

Aled Richards

Corporate Director of Environment and Sustainable Transport