Our vision

We are one of the fastest growing, young, and diverse boroughs in the country. We have over 351,000 people living in Newham. We are the third fastest growing borough in London. Over seven in ten residents are from Black, Asian, and ethnically diverse communities.

We are at the heart of a new inclusive economy. Our economy is becoming the place to work and invest. We are home to international districts like Royal Docks and Stratford. Stratford has also become the busiest station in the UK. These has helped us have the third highest rate of jobs growth in London.

However, we have deep rooted inequalities. A quarter of our neighbourhoods are the most deprived in the UK. After housing costs, almost half of our residents live in poverty. The cost of living emergency will disproportionately hit our residents.

The pandemic has shown we can build on the solidarity of our partners and communities. We have mobilised organisations across sectors to deliver over 200,000 parcels to those who cannot afford to get food. We are working with businesses to increase the number becoming London Living Wage employers.

Building a Fairer Newham

The Building a Fairer Newham Corporate Plan sets out how Newham Council will help residents through tough times and live happy, health and well.

The Plan sets out eight priorities that will focus all our energy in delivering for our communities.

  1. A healthier Newham and ageing well
  2. Newham’s inclusive economy to support you in these hard times
  3. Your neighbourhood
  4. Safer Newham
  5. Homes for our residents
  6. Supporting our young people
  7. People powered Newham and widening participation
  8. A campaigning Council

See Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz OBE’s message outlining the importance of Building a Fairer Newham.

Read the Corporate Plan to find out more about how we will implement these priorities.

Community Wealth Building

We have launched our Community Wealth Building Strategy; a pioneering and bold inclusive economic approach that aims to address poverty in the borough as well ensure that investment coming into Newham benefits all residents.

A new inclusive economic approach for a fairer Newham

Our Community Wealth Building strategy is underpinned by the principles of economic, social and environmental justice; so that long-term prosperity, wellbeing and fairness for all our residents in the Borough is achieved; and our response to the Climate Emergency is progressed.

As well as attracting growth and investment into the borough, the Council’s new Community Wealth Building strategy will help unleash the potential of residents, businesses and the voluntary sector because they are the source of wealth and talent that will drive a fairer and more prosperous Newham.

The new strategy will help the Council tackle injustices residents face with an unrelenting focus on poverty in the Borough, as well as addressing racial and gendered disparities that exists. It will also be applying Community Wealth Building principals as a key mechanism for responding to the climate emergency we all face.

Our new Community Wealth Building strategy means we will:
Lead by example

  • Use our purchasing power and influence to keep wealth in our local economy
  • Lead on progressive procurement, becoming a living wage employer and encouraging others to do so.

Campaign for a fair deal for Newham workers

  • Our young people will have access to the very best opportunities London has to offer, regardless of their background
  • We will support residents to get a fair deal from their employer and the Government.

Drive forward an inclusive economy

  • Unleash the dynamism of Newham businesses, supporting them to improve their productivity
  • Nurture our cooperative economy, ensuring wealth created and held democratically.
The Major of Newham's Youth Safety Board

A Strategic Needs assessment on Youth Safety

Crest Advisory worked with the London Borough of Newham to complete a comprehensive review of youth safety/violence in the borough, assessing the vulnerabilities that potentially act as drivers to youth exploitation and criminality.

This report (compiled through a range of stakeholder engagement initiatives) brings together qualitative and quantitative evidence, best practice review and sets out recommendations that provide insight which supports service development and delivery to improve outcomes.

Newham Climate Now
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Our Research

Research is important to how we plan, make decisions and ensure that the needs and voices of our residents are heard. It helps us to:

  • Understand what residents think and want on a range of issues
  • Make better decisions for our residents
  • Provide the best services possible
  • Develop policies to improve the lives of residents
  • Evaluate policies and services to make sure they are performing
  • Measure if we are meeting our commitments in the Corporate Plan.
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